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by Giacomo Lozito
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NO software patents in UE
This website area hosts some of my projects, already mature or at the planning stage. I like software development and this passion led me to become familiar with many programming languages, even if the classic C language remains my favourite choice.

AUDACIOUSAudacious is a media player originated by XMMS and BMP. It retains the plugin-based architecture, which has been furtherly extended to support improved functionality and new features.
AMIDI-PLUGAMIDI-Plug is a MIDI subsystem for XMMS/BMP/Audacious. It processes MIDI files and sends their events to one of the available backends (currently ALSA, FluidSynth, dummy).
PYWVDIALpyWvDial is a simple and handy frontend for WvDial. It provides a graphical interface for configuration and execution of WvDial, with a output monitor and a system tray icon, and grants easy access to connection information.
GMUTOOgMUTOO is an elegant service launcher/stopper/monitor that resides in the window manager tray. It has been mostly thought for the launch of daemons (httpd, ftpd, sshd and so on), but it can be used to start/stop pretty anything.
PKGSUMMONpkgsummon is a program (based on GTK+2 toolkit) for the management of Slackware Linux tarballs; it allows to rapidly compare the version of installed packages with those available on ftp mirrors, and it allows to browse content of the packages installed on system
QUAQUTquaqut is a multiplatform program, written in C, that queries Unreal Tournament 2004 (™) game servers and retrieves information such as server name, game type, current map, names and scores of the players, etc.etc.
BMP PORTSI've ported on BMP (Beep Media Player) some plugins from XMMS. Information about the porting, sources and patches are available in this area.