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FAQ - frequently asked questions

 Can I use develia slackware packages with Slackware 11 (or 10, 9, ...) ?

Packages in develia archive are intended to work on systems updated to slackware-current.
This doesn't mean they can't work with a certain slackware version; simply, I don't make any compatibility test for it. Let's clarify this with an example: if there is a "foo" library in slackware-current, which is newer than the "foo" library in your slackware version, and the two "foo" versions are not binary-compatible, then the package from develia archive that uses the "foo" library, being intended to work with slackware-current, won't work with your slackware version.

IMPORTANT NOTE: at the time of writing (6/11/2006) slackware-current and slackware 11 are actually the same thing; this means that every package in develia archive, uplodaded before this date, certainly works with slackware 11 (unless I forgot to update a old package, but in this case you can point that one to me and I'll rebuild it).
Some day, slackware-current will start to evolve again; packages updated or added in develia archive after that day can't be guaranteed to work with slackware 11. Well, even if you don't like to update systems to slackware-current, a quick read of the slackware changelog will be enough to understand if a certain package is still compatible with your slackware version.

 Could you make a slackware package of a certain software, on request?

Normally, no. I'm not interested in enlarging the archive, I care much more about its quality. By packaging only software that I really use (more or less frequently) on my slackware boxes, I can certainly check, during daily usage, if everything works right and quickly correct problems. I couldn't do the same with programs that I do not know and/or use at all.

 Why slackbuild scripts are not available?

They are not available cause they simply... do not exist! I'm used to compile software without scripts; this way I can decide every time, version after version, which options should be enabled (and which documentation should be included) after reading the configure help or the makefile. Build scripts for packages are surely handy, but I have more control on build operations by doing things with my hands. Anyway, patches used, as well as configure options, are always listed in the description of every package in the archive.

 Can I access develia archive with swaret, slapt-get, etc.?

At this time, no. I don't use (nor I am much interested in) any of these programs, so I don't know how they work in detail. However, since it seems there's much people interested in doing this, some day I could look into the matter a bit.

 Can I contribute to the develia archive with my slackware packages?

I'm sorry, no. I wouldn't have time to review and test submitted packages.